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Intruder Alarms

The Intruder Alarm system forms the basic building block for your security system. This can be a hardwired and/or radio system and can be configured to your property's requirements.

Many components can be added to this system to complete a comprehensive security and fire detection system.

These include:

  • Detectors - for detection of movement, door or window entry, smoke or fire
  • Speech dialler - connected to the phone line it can dial any number to provide alarm reporting
  • Communicator - for multi-format alarm reporting to a monitoring station

To comply with some insurance requirements an intruder alarm fitted with a communicator and a subscription to a Monitoring Centre (e.g. RedCare) gives you the solution.

The advantage to this is that it has a secure, independent, data transmission link to an Alarm Monitoring Centre who can take controlled actions.

For example, it can send Panic Alarms or Fire alarm signals (amongst others) and the Monitoring Centre will call the appropriate agency or key holders to deal with the problem.

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