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Non-monitored CCTV

The non-monitored CCTV system is the most simple system to set-up and use. Cameras are sited around the property to protect and are connected to a HDD/DVD recorder. The footage can then be viewed at a later date to review any incidents.

Monitored CCTV

Simply reviewing footage of an incident having suffered a loss can be frustrating and time consuming.

With the advent of Broadband this has all changed. The monitored system connects into the computer network and can be accessed remotely from any suitable internet connection.

On the activation of the intruder alarm, the user can log into the system and view the live footage from the camera(s), providing immediate information to security staff or the police.

The Data Protection Act applies to all businesses in the UK. It is important that the design of a system does not interfere with the privacy of members of the public. Our systems are designed to ensure that inappropriate images are not recorded, and that correct signage is visible.

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